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All about our South Mimms cattery

Situated in South Mimms, Potters Bar, our purpose built cattery provides perfect pet accommodation for your feline or furry friend. Each of our cat chalets is heated, including a heated bed, which is kept on 24 hours per day during winter, and as and when required in summer. When boarding with us we supply beds, covers, bowls and toys, however, we understand each animal is different and may enjoy their own familiar belongings instead, so please feel free to bring your pets own items if you prefer. Established in 1988, we have a wealth of experience in pet accommodation services and are fully licensed by the Hertsmere Borough Council, we also conform to all the latest EEC guidelines. Contact us today to make a booking or enquiry.

Before any cat can be admitted they must be inoculated against FELINE ENTERITIS and CAT FLU. Cats will NOT BE ACCEPTED without an up to date certificate for these inoculations.


If your cat has not been INOCULATED or the ANNUAL BOOSTER has lapsed, a full course of inoculations taking approximately three weeks must be given 48 hours prior to booking.


Whilst we are happy to accept old and / or frail cats, we cannot accept responsibility for any deterioration in their condition due to old age or frailty during their stay. It is the owner's responsibility to notify us at the time of boarding if they have any concerns about their cat.


Cats will not be accepted which in the opinion of the management are suffering from infection or otherwise unfit.


We reserve the right to call or take to our vet, should we feel necessary. All cats are insured, including veterinary fees up to £1500. This cover extends up to 72 hours after leaving the cattery. NB Insurance will not cover any existing condition. Medical history declaration should be completed and handed in at the time of boarding.


UN-NETURED TOMS over six months will not be accepted.


Dates booked will be dates charged. On the last day, if collected between 9am and 11am a half day charge will apply.


A non-refundable deposit of 2 days is to be enclosed with the return of this copy completed and signed, this will be deducted from the boarding fee which is payable on admittance.


Please note the cattery is closed all day Sunday and bank holidays.


In the event of cats not being collected within 10 days of the agreed collection date (or otherwise notified) they will be deemed abandoned and found a suitable home, or humanely put to sleep at our discretion.


Collection and delivery can be arranged.

Terms and conditions

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If medication needs to be administered this will be undertaken provided the animal accepts the medication without resistance, and that it can be administered by one of our non-veterinary qualified cattery team.